BBVA Compass Routing Numbers

BBVA Compass  as every financial institution, requires its users to have the bank’s routing number (and SWIFT code for International wires) in order to complete any kind of funds transaction.c

BBVA Compass Routing Number

  • Arizona – 122105744
  • Alabama – 062001186
  • California – 321170538
  • Florida – 063013924
  • Texas – 113010547
  • Colorado – 107005319
  • New Mexico – 107000783
  • All Other States – 062001186



Where to Find On a Check

The BBVA Compass routing number is the first 9 digit number located on the bottom of the check

BBVA Compass Routing Number

BBVA Compass Routing Number

How to Wire Money

You can initiate your operations online via Internet or it can be done in person by going to the nearest branch location.

For outgoing transfers, the following information is required:

  • The beneficiary’s name and account number
  • Beneficiary bank information – name, branch, address
  • ABA Routing Number for domestic transfers and SWIFT BIC Code for international ones. Some countries require the IBAN.
  • For international wire transfers to Mexico, provide the CLABE account number.

For incoming international transfers, the following information is required:

  • Receiver: BBVA NY
  • Benefitsiar – BBVA Compass
  • BBVA Compass Acct Number
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Account Number

Incoming domestic wire transfers will only require the ABA Routing number, the customer’s name, bank and account digit.

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